Talent Show

My church had a talent show.  My sister Cheyenne sang Shoulders by For King and  Country.  My 2 other sisters Savannah and Reagan did ballet.  My brother Cole hula hooped and I played my clarinet.  I messed up a bunch of notes but it was still really fun!


I have a new favorite hobbie……. AIRSOFT!  Airsoft is guns with bbs and you get a group of people that have airsoft guns and you have a war!  2 main types of guns in airsoft are machine guns and pistols.  Pistols don’t shoot very far and only shoot one at a time and machine guns shoot repeatedly.  My friend was the one who introduced me to airsoft and she let me use one of her family’s guns.  it doesn’t really hurt when you get shot but you can feel it and it leaves marks on your skin and you have to wear eye protection.  I am going to ask for an airsoft gun for my birthday!

Iowa Weather

I don’t like Iowa Weather.  It can be 70 degrees one day and then snow the next day!  I really want it to just be warm so  my brothers and sisters and I can play outside and so we can have a campfire.  My favorite seasons are spring and fall because it is not to hot but also not too cold.  I want our horses to be able to eat the grass in the yard instead of standing in their pen all day cause they ate all the grass in their pen!  If it was warm then we could train our puppies.  What is your favorite season?


I saw a couple flowers in my yard today:) But my 3 year old brother pick one of them. 😦  In the spring and summer I have a ton of flowers in my yard. It is beautiful!  My favorite flowers are lilies. We have some purple ones that smell like grapes.  Now I am convinced that winter is over!   What is your favorite type of flower?


Winter is Finally Over! ( hopefully)

I cannot believe how nice it has been lately!  My family and I have been able to wear shorts, walk our dogs, and walk our horses.  For my mom’s birthday we had a party for her outside!  She was so happy.  For school I have been reading Jack and Jill by Louisa May Alcott.  It is the best book in the world and also the saddest. My baby brother was baptized in February.  I have been taking art classes and I LOVE it! We painted bike themed art for an auction and the money that was raised went to feed homeless people. What is your favorite book?  What do you do on nice days?  If you want to follow me on pinterest my name is Faith Frasher. Thanks! 

The Winter Jam

On the 22nd my mom and I, 2 of my sisters and, 1 of my brothers went to Winter Jam at the Wells Fargo arena in Des Moines.  Winter Jam is a concert that has ten christian singers and you can get in for ten dollars.  My favorite singer is Colton Dixon and I first heard him at Winter Jam!  Who is you favorite singer?